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SEC. 1 MATH ( order may have change since 2015)

TERM 1 worth 20%

NUMERATION: represents numbers in several ways, rounding and estimating whole and decimals

BEDMAS, GCF,LCM, order of numbers, patterns, prime #s', factoring tree, greater than, less than.

Decimal & whole # operations (+-X, division),classifying natural #s'

ROUNDING: whole and decimal #s', estimating

POWERS: Base and exponent rules, perfect squares and roots, whole #s' in exponential notation




TERM 2  worth 20%

FRACTIONS:  drawing them, checking equivalence, reducing, comparing them, placing in order, adding, subtracting, multiplying, switching from improper to mixed.

INTERGERS: placing in order, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, word problems, BEDMAS

PERCENT: calculating, switching to decimal or fraction, rates and ratios, comparing %,

CARTESIAN GRAPH: quadrants, axis (x) and (y), drawing a coordinate, connecting coordinates to  another to make a line or a shape.

STATISTICS: graphs drawn after data collection, calculating mean, range.

PROBABILITY: Random VS. not random, possible outcomes of an experiment, tree diagrams, conducting an experiment and listing outcomes, calculating probability of an outcome as a %, decimal OR fraction, 



TERM 3 Worth 60%

ANGLES:  types, construction of, bisectors, vertically opposite, transversal angles, adjacent

TRIANGLES: types, construction of various types, bisecting  of, orthocenters, medians, measuring angles inside,

POLYGONS/QUADRILATERALS: Convex/concave, classifying, recognizing and describing them.

TRANSFORMATIONS: reflection, rotation and translation of a 2D figure. ID properties resulting from transformations, ID congruencies between original and image,

SOLIDS: Matching net to a solid, describing vertex, edge, base and face of a solid, drawing a net for a solid, describe the altitude, apothem and face of a solid. LA and TA of right prisms, right cylinders, right pyramids

MASS /TIME/LENGTH: chooses appropriate unit for the context, estimates and measures using conventional units ( grams, hours, min. , mm, cm dm, km), perimeter of a figure.

AREA: chooses appropriate unit, estimates and measures surface area, area of circles and sectors of a circle, area of figures which can be broken up into circles, triangles or quadrilaterals.

VOLUME: Chooses an appropriate unit of Vol. for the context, estimates and measures volume in cm3   dm3     mm3    or   mL    L

ALGEBRA: Using words and math language numerical patterns and # series, describes part of algebra( unknown, variable, constant, coefficient, term...ect..)Creates and interprets an algebraic expression, recognizes and equivalent algebraic expression, uses BEDMAS to solve an equations(add, subtract, multiply and division),


****************JUNE EXAM******************************





TERM 1  worth 20% of the year

Algebra: Simplifying algebraic expressions as well as perimeter and area of shapes using BEDMAS.                   

Translating algebraic expressions into english and vice versa.

Evaluation: Substitution of algebraic values and using BEDMAS to solve.

Tables of values:  filling in, patterns, rules, translation of english to math..

Algebraic EQUATIONS and Word Problems with Algebra:

(Solving simple to complex equations to find "x" and translating english into an equation and solving it)  


 TERM 2  worth 20% of the year

ALGEBRA: Word problems, translating and solving to discover "x"

Cartesian Plane :drawing points on a graph, intersecting lines, table to graph(vice versa)

Rates/Ratios/Proportions: unit rate, comparing, sides and perimeter of shapes, money exchange rates.

 Dilatation: enlargement OR reduction of a 2D shape using a compass or a ruler....Calculating the factor of change in a dilatation shown.

Similiar figures: characteristics of as well as calculating missing measures on them.

Circles: introduction

**********************C1 and C2 exams*********************(Dec/ January)


TERM 3 worth 60% of the year

Circles: parts of a circle, radius, diameter and PI, Circumference, Area, arcs, sectors, problems with circles

Polygons: angles, perimeter, area, problems with polygons

3D solids: area of prisms, cylinders and pyramids

Probability: outcomes and events

Statistics: mean, range, surveys,graphs


****************C1 and C2 exams*******************************( June)






TERM 1  worth 20% of the year

Algebra: +-X dividing monomials, binomials, polynomials, exponent rules. FOIL

Factoring: Greatest common factors

Scientific Notations: +- X dividing, converting to decimals(vice versa)

Spatial sense: views of a solid structure


TERM 2  worth 20% of the year

Relations: links between 2 variables, independant/dependant, slope of a line on a graph, filling in a table to graph it.

Linear relations: types of relations, equation of a line, slope, PARAMETERS.

Systems of linear equations: where lines intercept on a graph, how to calculate this point.

*****************************************C1 in class evaluations***************************************************************


**********************C1 EXAM END OF DECEMBER or JANUARY************

**********************************C2 EXAM end of JANUARY*********



TERM 3 worth 60% of the year

Area of solids: prisms, cones, pyramids, cylinder, spheres, combination solids, area problems

Volume of solids: "                                         " + volume problems

Similar solids: ratio of area and volume(isometry)

****************************************C1 in class EVALUATION****************

Statistics: mean, median, mode, range, types of graph, measures of dispersion(box and whiskers),types of data sampling, surveys

Geometric Probability

Inequalities: Graphing on a number line, solving.

**********************************JUNE EXAM C1 and C2 EXAM************************************



















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