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MATH 206-06

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MATH 206-06

MATH help in E-101 most lunches







Oct 4 puzzle T1  
Oct 3  MHS workbook p. 77   
sept 29th  Evaluation PKG page (D) + MHS online review!!   
sept 28th  MHS WB p. 71.. and online review !!!!!   
sept 26th  worksheet on area /perimeter backwards + MHS online review of Sept (due Oct 3rd)   
sept 25th  worksheet on difference in perimeter or area   
sept 21st  NONE   
sep 20  MHS workbook p.83 #53 to #57 p. 86 #6 (all) #7 abcd..QUIZ tomorrow  
Sept 18  PKG (A) page A8 ...quiz Sept 21st  
Sept 14th  Puzzle A7  QUIZ Sept 21st 
Sept 12 MHS workbook p. 67(all) p. 69 #5,6,7 ( just simplify) p. 70 #8,9  
Sep 11  TEAMS page perimeter  questions  
Sept 7  Package A: pages A1 #2..... A2 #1 to #14  QUIZ MOnday 
Sept 6 MHS workbook p.78 #1,2,5,6, p. 82 #41 to 45 p. 84 # 63-64-65  QUIZ Sept 11
Sept 1   puzzle Package pages B2 and B4 (read instructions carefully!!)

get notes printed!!!






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