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MATH 206-06

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MATH 206-06

TERM 2 exams (2) in January





April 12th  MHS wb p. 411+412 ( 29,30,31) + review sheet ( both sides)  TEST MOnday 
April 10th  Polygon AREA pkg p. 3,+4+,5  TEST on polygons April 15th 
April 9th  WB p. 377 + p.383 (7,8,9)   
April 5   none
April4  MHS wb p.374 +p.382 (1,2,3,4) p. 410.....MHS online review as well   
April 2  Polygon perimeter PKG p. 1+p.2 + MHS quiz review  QUIZ Friday 
March 28th  MHS workbook p. 371+373  POLYGON quiz April 5th 
March 26  Polygon PKG p. 3+p.4   
March 25th  MHS video tutorial on POLYGONS  
March 21  same as below   
March 20th  Review worksheet for math test + MHS online review ( ALL DUE MONDAY)  TEST MOnday 
March 18th  LAST PAGE of the circle PKG on Area/Sectors  TEST March 25..MHS on-line review for test is open now 
March 15  Ugos' Garden worksheet  test Match 25 
March 13th  MHS wb p. 402-403  TEST March 25th
March 12  Circle area/ sector PKG p. 6  quiz tomorrow! ... C1 assignment next week!
Feb 29  Circle AREA pkg p. 4+p.5  QUIZ March 13th 
Feb 28th  Circle AREA pkg p. 2+ MHS workbook p. 399+p.401 (9/10)   
Feb 23  MHS online video tutorial + NEW pkg on Circle AREA p. 1  QUIZ March 13th 
FEb 22  MHS wb p. 396+397+398  Quiz Friday 
Feb 20  Circle work PKG p. 7  Quiz on Arcs Feb 23rd 
Frb 19  MHS tutorial   
Feb 14th  MHS online QUIZ prep assignment+ WB p. 417 #5+p.418 #9  quiz monday 
Feb 13th  MHS wb p. 413 #36,37,38 p. 414 #42  QUIZ MOnday 
Feb 9th  MHS wb p. 395 + circle PKG p. 3+ p. 4  Circles QUIZ MOnday, FEb 19th 
feb 8  mhs wb p. 394   
FEb 6  trace 3 circles on 1 piece of paper, bring geo set, get notes!   
FEb 5  PKG Sim TRansf p. 12..QUIZ next class   
Feb 1  Similarity Transf ( DIlatation) PKG p. 7  QUIZ FEb 6 
Jan 31  MHS video tutorial ! + MHS WB p. 335 #9+#10  GET NOTES! 
Jan 29th  GET NOTES: Dilatation! 

RULER needed for next several classes


Jan 26  continue of the review PKG... fiil in your memory aid   
Jan 24  review pkg p. 14+ p. 16 (skip J)   
Jan 23  review PKG p.8+10+12   
Jan 19th  MHS test review!! On -line   
Jan 18th  Review PKG p. 8+10 ( due tomorrow)+ MHS on line review ( due  jan 22tnd)  TEST Jan 23 
  NEXT EXAM DATE: Monday, Jan 29th C2 exam   
Jan 16th  Sim Fig PKG p. 7 + MHS workbook p. 347 #1,2,3,4,5 p. 354 all  QUIZ next class..TEST Jan 23rd 
Jan 15th  GET NOTES! ( over 75% did not have it!)//MHS workbook p;. 336 +p.337 (#7+#8) p. 338  QUIZ Thursday ( similar Figures) 
Jan 11th  review PKG p.6+8 ..copy/print out notes on NEW topic---------------------------------------- NEW TOPIC: Similar figures...QUIZ next week! 
Jan 10th  Fill in your memory aid + homework from Dec 21   
DEc 21  review PKG p. 2p. 4 

TWO exams in January: C1-complex task     C2 traditional exam-multi choice/short answer/long answer


Dec 19th  worksheet /puzzle review on solving   
Dec18   4 tables on our TEAMS page
Dec 7th  MHS online review for C1 exam prep + WB p.  229+230(skip #18) p. 233+234(#6) p. 235 (#7/8)

C1 exam practice assignments in class week of Dec 18th I(Worth approx 15% of the term)

..C1 exam worth 15% of term as well! 

Dec 5th  WB p. 213 + 216+217 ( #7+#8)....review both quizzes for test -graphing and rates*/ratio! TEST Thursday 
deC 4  WB p. 206 (skip 5 and 6) p, 212 all....TEST dec 7 ( graphing and rates/ratios_   
Nov 30th  Rates/ ratio package: p. 5,p.6p. 6a)..QUIZ MOnday  TEST DEc 7th!!! 
  WEEK OF DEC 18th: we will do practice C1 assignments( worth marks)  to prepare for the C1 exam in January   
NOv 29th  MHS workbook p. 203+204(7,8) p. 205 #5,6,7,8,9,10)  Quiz MOnday! 
Nov 27th  MHS workbook p. 199 #1,2...p. 202 (all)  QUIZ Dec 4 
Nov 20   3 VIDEO tutorials on MHS account due Nov 27 ( am)… get notes on rates, ratios and proportions   
Nov 17th  graphingPKG p. 6,7,8  + GET NOTES on new topic: rates/ratio/proportions Quiz MOnday 
NOv 15th  PKG p. 5 + WB p. 163 #4 p. 172 #11,12 p. 173  QUIZ Monday 
 Nov 14th MHS Workbook p. 147 #1,2,5 p. 149 #5 p. 150 #6   
Nov 10th  Kangaroo graphing puzzle...GET graph paper  Get NOTES: graphing 
NOv 9th  finish word problem PKG   
Nov 7  MHS workbook p. 103+104+116 (1,2,5,6)  QUIZ friday 
Nov 2  no homework...Next topic : word problems to solve with an equation. 

UPCOMING topics: Graphing + RAtes and Ratios

(Print up these notes) 

Nov 1  finish review PKG + memory aid filled in....REVIEW past quizzes  Exam Nov 2 
Oct 30th 

review PKG p. 3+4 solving PKG finish p.73...FILL IN YOUR MEMORY AID!!!


Oct 27th  REview package for term 1 exam : page 1 + solving PKG p. 73 ( just  left side)  memory aid due Nov 2 
Oct 26th  TERM1 exam Nov 2nd   
Oct 25th  MHS WB p. 110 (1,2,3) p. 124 (11 to 15) p. 126 + solving PKG p. 71 ( due FRIDAY)  quiz FRIDAY 
Oct 24th  Solving PKG p. 70 + p. 66..QUIZ FRiday on solving   
Oct 20  solving algebra PKG p. 67+68   
Oct 19th  Solving package  page 59   
Oct 17th  review last 3 quizzes for the upcoming test!!!   
Oct 16  review worksheet page B1/B2...TEST oct 19th   
oct 10  TEST review sheet A1/A2  TEST Oct 19th 
Oct 6th  pre-quiz worksheet.... QUIZ Oct 10th   
Oct 4 puzzle T1  
Oct 3  MHS workbook p. 77   
sept 29th  Evaluation PKG page (D) + MHS online review!!   
sept 28th  MHS WB p. 71.. and online review !!!!!   
sept 26th  worksheet on area /perimeter backwards + MHS online review of Sept (due Oct 3rd)   
sept 25th  worksheet on difference in perimeter or area   
sept 21st  NONE   
sep 20  MHS workbook p.83 #53 to #57 p. 86 #6 (all) #7 abcd..QUIZ tomorrow  
Sept 18  PKG (A) page A8 ...quiz Sept 21st  
Sept 14th  Puzzle A7  QUIZ Sept 21st 
Sept 12 MHS workbook p. 67(all) p. 69 #5,6,7 ( just simplify) p. 70 #8,9  
Sep 11  TEAMS page perimeter  questions  
Sept 7  Package A: pages A1 #2..... A2 #1 to #14  QUIZ MOnday 
Sept 6 MHS workbook p.78 #1,2,5,6, p. 82 #41 to 45 p. 84 # 63-64-65  QUIZ Sept 11
Sept 1   puzzle Package pages B2 and B4 (read instructions carefully!!)

get notes printed!!!






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