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MATH 206-02

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C2 BLOCKED exam: Tuesday, June 13th

 C1 in-class exam ( 2 days) June 7-8th 



June 8th  Review PKG #40 to 51#    + memory aid!  
JUne 7th  Review pkg #40-44 ( as well as June 5th work)   
June 5th  Review PKG #37 to #42...Memory aid due June 13th  C1 exam next 2 classes 
JUne 2  review PKG #29 to #35....MEMORY AID due June 13th   
may 30th  REview PKG #16 to #28....+ memory aid!   
May 29th  review PKG #9 to #15...fill in your memory aid for June 13th (hand written!!)  
May 25th  WB p. 490(3-6) p.506(7-8) p.509(14/16) p.511(1-2)...+ MHS mini review+ memory aid !!!!  quiz MOnday 
May 24th  MHS mini review + WB p. 489 + prob PKG p. 4  quiz May 29
  !!!!! MEMORY AIDS ARE DUE June 13th for your C2 EXAM!!!!!!   
May 19th  Prob pkg p. 11+12 + MHS review  quiz may 29th on probability!! 
May 16th

WB p.482 +483 (5/6) + MHS mini online review 

May 15th  Prob PKG p3A puzzle + MHS online review!  
May 11  Probability PKG p. 5 (#1-#2)   
May 10th  TEAMS page 3 questions   
May 8th  PKG p. 10+11  QUIZ May 11 
May 5th   WB p.441/p.447/p449 ( calculate LA of each pytramid)  
May 3rd  Surface AREA pkg p. 3/p.4   
May 2nd  WB p, 440/p. 446 (1-4) ONLYY calculate the LA of each solid!   
April 27th  GET new notes: ARea of  solids   
April 26th  2nd side of the polygon worksheet #8-#11   
April 24th  none   
April 21 

sec2 PRE c1 homewrok TEAMS.pdf  

answer on loose leaf

C1 assignment next class April 27th 
April 19th  None  IN-class C1 assignment April 24th..Practice C1 April 27th 
April 18th  Homework from the 14th ( since 2/3 of the class did not do it) + WB p378  TEST tomorrow 
April 14th  Polygon PKG p. 3-5-6..TEST april 19th   
April 13  WB p. 377..TEST April 19th   
April 6th  none   
April 5th  WB p.382(1,2,3,4) p.410 p.411#22  quiz tomorrow! 
April 3rd  Polygon perimeter PKG p. 1/p.2  QUIZ April 6th 
March 31  WB p. 371 finish it!..GET NOTES on polygons!   
March 29th 

WB p. 371 #1,2,3,4,5 p. 373

GET NOTES!: Polygons!!! 

March 28th  NEW Notes needed: POLYGONS!!   
March 24th 

MHS on-line assignment: Circle review for test!

worksheet review side B 

Circle test March 28th 
March 23rd  Circle test March 28th: REVIEW on MHS assignment ( due March 28th)+ WB p379(3,4) +p380(7,8) p. 381 (10)  
March 21dt  none  TEST  march 28th CIRCLES! 
March 20th  WB p.  415+416 #54/55  
March16  Finish circle area PKG p. 7  In class C1 assignment March 21-23rd 
Marxch 15th   TEAMS questions! on-line   
March 13th  WB p. 403 + 406 + p. 407#8   
March 10th  WB p. 402  QUIZ March 16th 
March 8th  WB p. 405+407#10 p.414 #44+46 p. 418 #7  QUIZ March 10th 
March 7  WBp.399/400+401(9)   
Feb 23  Circle AREA pkg p. 4+p.5  QUIZ moved to March 10th
Feb 22  AREA of cirlces PKG p. 1   
Feb 20th   MHS on-line work on arcs..QUIZ Feb 22   
Feb 16th 

CIRCLE pkg p. 7


QUIZ on arcs wed Feb 22 
Feb 14th  circle work PKG p. 8   
FEb 13  none   
feb 8th  circle work PKG p,6..QUIZ MOnday!!!   
Feb 6th  WB p. 395 #10 + p.413 #36,37,38 + Trace 3 different circles on a paper, bring to class for an activity  QUIZ MOnday FEb 13th 
Feb 3  MHS workbook p. 394-395 ( #1 to 9)+ GET NEW notes on cirlces!!!!  Quiz late next week 
Feb 1  Circle PKG p. 2 + GET NOTES printed + get Geometry set!!!!!   
Jan 31  NEW NOTES to print: Circles!!!   
Jna 27th  WB p. 337#8 p. 347 #1,2,3,5 p. 354 All 

quix Tuesday


Jan 26th 

MHS workbook p. 338 #1,2,3,4,5 + p. 339 #6 

GET THE NOTES on similar figures

QUIZ on similar figures next Tuesd/ or Wed... 
Jan 23rd  review PKG p. 5,6,7,9 + memory aid  NEW TOPIC! Jan 26th: SIMILAR FIGURES..get the notes 
Jan 19th  REVIEW pkg p. 1 ( skip any 2 questions) p. 2 finish it p. 4 (all)..MEMORY aid DUE Jan 23rd!!!!!  MHS assignment due Monday!!! 
Jan 18th  Go to class TEAMS' page to answer the math question!   
Jan 16th  puzzle review sheet on solving for a shape.+ MHS review+ memory aid    
Jan 13th 

Dilatation quiz Monday!

MHS review assignment+ Memory aid 

Jan 11  Finish p. 7 (1,2) + p. 11+p. 12 in the Transformation/Dilatation PKG  fill in memory aid+ MHS review 
Jan 10th  Transf PKG ( dilatation) p. 3+ p. 5 (top)   
Dec 22  Get NOTES: Dilatati0on/ similar figures + MHS review+ memory aid   
dec 21  memory aid! + MHS review   
dec 19  Update MHS password!!!   
DEc 15th  Same as below!   
Dec 13th  Proportions work PKG + review your graphing quiz..TEST Thursday   
Dec 12  PKG ( rates/ratio) p. 10 + OPTIONAL test review sheet on Graphing   
Dec 8th  PKG ( rates/ratios) p. 6A + p. 8  Test Dec 15th 
  UPCOMING EVALUATIONS: TEST on graphing and rates/ratios(Dec 15th)......C1 exam ( 2 classes) Dec 21/22...C2 exam Jan 24th   
Dec 7th  WB p217 (7,8) p. 230 (11 to 15) p. 232 #28 

MHS term 2 review opens next week!!


DEc 5th  WB p, 212 + 213 ( for #7, you can choose: either table/graph OR just calculate!)  Quiz Wed 
DEc2  WB p. 203 + p. 205 (skip #3,4)  NEXT quiz: Dec 7 
NOv 30  MHS WB p. 202+210+211   
Nov 29th  MHS workbook p. 173 /175#3 /176#5  QUIZ Wed 
Nov 23rd  Graphing PKG p. 4,5,6,7....QUIZ Wed.    
Nov 22  Graphing PKG p. 1,2,3  Quiz next wed! 
Nov 18  WB p. 142/p.147#123/p.148 #6/p.150#6,,,GET the NOTES: Cartesian plane+ get graph paper   
Nov 15th  Finish the word Prob PKG....Get notes on NEW topic: Graphing.....Get the notes printed +.Get graph paper!!   
nov 14th  word Prob PKG p. C4+ WB p. 116 #1,2,5,6.... evaluation next class   
Nov 10  Word problem PKG page C1/C2   
Nov 9th  none   
Nov 7th  review PKG p. 4,5,6 + PINK memory aid sheet ( all due Wed)   
Nov 4th  Review PKG p. 1,2,3 + fill in your memory aid  Exam wed!!!! 
Nov 2nd  Solvinh PKG puzlzle sheet 71+74....fill in your memory aid....MHS review  Exam next wed. 
NOv 1st  WB p. 108...MHS term review + memory aids( both due nov 9th)  QUIZ Wednesday 
Oct 31st  Term 1 exam topics on TEAMS class page !....Fill in your memory aid + MHS review  
oct 27th  WB p. 114+115  Term 1 exam Nov 9th 
oct 25th  WB p. 107...fill in your memory aid for the NOv 7th exam  MHS r=term 1 review ( due nov 6th) 
Oct 24th  Solving PKG p. 59  NEW MHS term 1 review ( due nov 7th) 
oct 19th  review sheet A1/A2 + make  your memory aid for the test ( oct 24th)..MHS due Sunday!!!   
Oct 17th  MHS test review ( due Oct 24th)  TEST Oct 24th 
oct 12th  PRE- quiz worksheet + Evalution PKg page C...  QUIZ Monday oct 17th 
Oct 7th  Worksheet + WB p. 71....QUIZ Monday Oct 17th   
Oct 6th  Check out TEAMS class page to see homework: answer on loose leaf paper.  QUIZ oct 17th 
Oct 4th  TRANSLATION worksheet (both sides)  
sept 30   puzzle T1   
sept 28  none   
sept 27  wb p. 78 # 7,8,8,10   
sept 23  Create original questions: 2 AREA backwards 2 PERIMETER backwards( must have letters!!!)   
SEpt 22  NONE..Get the area + perimeter notes printed ASAP!!!!!   
Sept 20th Puzzle PKG page A9...Quiz next class!!..PRINT OUT NOTES on area /perimeter  



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