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MATH 306-03

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Sec. 3 MATH 306-03



DEC1  REVIEW Pkg #1,2,3,4  + Fill in memory aid for the 21st!!!  NEW NOTES to print out: Pythagorean Theorum 
Nov 30th  INVERSE PKG p. 4+p. 5  C1 exam Dec 14 ...C2 blocked exam Dec 21st 
Nov 26th  WB p. 200+201   
NOv 25th  worksheet p. 116 (all) p. 118 #12....Get notes on next topic: Pythagorean Theorum  C1 practice assignment next week 
NOv 22  Word PROB pkg p. 8,9,10  quiz next class 
NOv 21st  WB p. 197-198  quiz soon!!! 
nov 17th  worksheet p. 119/121  Quiz on Thursday 
Nov 16  WB  p.184 #1,2 +p186  Linear equation QUIZ next week 
Nov 12  worksheet (gym + new job)   
NOv 11  WB p. 174(I no need to graph) p.  175,176,177 GET....THE....NOTES!!!!! 
Nov 9th  PKG (A) relations page A4+A5  Get notes on TYPES of GRAPHS  + LINEAR EQUATIONS
Nov 5th  ROC PKG page R10 + WB p. 172+173 ( do not graph..just calculate)  Quiz Tuesday 
nov 3rd  ROC pkg p. R1+ R3  quiz next week 
NOv 2  ROC/slope PKG p. R2 + R6....GET notes!   
oct 28th  IND/DEP PKG p. A3...Get graph paper!!!  QUIZ next week! 
Oct 26th  PKG (A) pages A1/A2.............get the notes pn the next topic: Relations IND/DEP , ROC aka Slope  Get graph paper!! 
oct 25th  PKG p.10 +WB p. 16  MHS mid term review assignment due Nov 8th ( 57 questions!!!) 
Oct 21st  Scientific Not PKG p. 6  Quiz next week 
Oct 20th  same as OCT 18th!   
Oct 18th  Scientific Notation PKG page 2/page 3  C1 in class assignment next class (pairs) 
oct 13th  MHS video + GET notes on Scientific Notation   
oct 8th  test 1 reviews ( x2)    
Oct 7th  Test 1 review sheet  TEST Oct 13th 
Oct 5th  REview factoring PKG...quiz next class   
oct 4th  MHS on-line assignment  QUIZ on factoring THursday 
sept 30th  WB p. 110 #1,2,3,45,6 + 9,10    p. 111 #1,2,3,4,5,   
sept 29th  make sure to have ALL the Algebra notes copied/printed!!   
sept 27  Worksheet on area /perimeter + REVIEW pkg B/C pages B7/B9/C11  Quiz wed. 
sept 24th  WB p. 95 #7,8,10 p. 100/101 p. 102 #1,2.......quiz wed   
SEpt 22 

WB p. 91, 93,94....Quiz in 1 week 

sept 21st  MHS assignment (due tomorrow)   Quiz #2 on Wed Sept 29th 
sept 16th  copy notes on perimeter and area + WB p. 89+90+116   
sept 15  PKG (B&C) page B7  #6,7,8,9   
Sept 13  PKG (A)  p. A3 -finish it!......PKG (BC) page B2.....Quiz next class exponent laws   
sep 10th  MHS workbook p. 77 #1 to #6 p. 80 #24 to 28 p. 89 #1,2,3  Quiz SEpt 15th (exponent laws) 
sept 8th  PKG (A):...... pages  A3 (1 to 14) pages A10 ( 1 to 20)  
Sept 7th  WB p. 67...get algebra NOTES!!   
sept 2   Workbook p. 63+64   print out notes on algebra 
Sept 1 st  Review sheet + visit this page!   




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