MATH 306-03


!!!!!TERM 2 EXAMS: End of DEC (c1) and end of JAN (c2) !!!!!!!


Nov 22  worksheet p. 97/99...GET Notes: Linear equations + Types of relations!!   
Nov 21st   Jakes Graph + Get NOTES on Types of relations   
NOv16  ROC/slope PKG p. R4/R5/R6  Quiz moved to  Monday due to SrPlay 
No15   WB p. 180/181/183...QUIZ Friday   
nov 11  MHS video tutorial+ practice questions on ROC/Slope....Get the notes on ROC/slope   
Nov 10  IND/DEP pkg p. A3  QUIZ Friday...get graph paper 
nov8  IND/DEP pkg p. A1+A2 .. get notes + Graph paper!!!!  quiz Friday: IND/DEP variables+ graphing 
Nov 7th  same as Nov 4   
Nov 4th  Print out/ COPY these notes: Relations IND/DEP.....Types of Graphs.....Graphing    
Nov 3rd  Prep for exam on Monday: Memory aid + MHS online review assignment  GRAPH PAPER needed for next topic!!!!!! 
Nov 2  prep for exam: MHS online + memory aid   
Oct 31st  MHS review+ Fill in memory aid ( all due after NOv 4th)   
Oct 28th  spatial sense PKG p. 7+9...Memory aid!...MHS review  EXAM Nov 7th 
oct 26th  spatial sense PKG p. 1+ p3  Fill in your memory aid slowly..MHS review assignment ..QUIZ Monday!
Oct 25  math review worksheet on solving   
Oct 20th  QUIZ Tuesday!..Scien NOT pkg p. 6  MHS term review assignment ( due early Nov.) 
Oct 18th  Scie NOT pkg p. 5 + MHS term 1 review   
Oct 17th  Scientific NOTATION PKG p. 2  MHS exam review Due in 2 weeks ..START NOW!! TERM 1 EXAM: Nov 7th
Oct 11  Get/PRINT notes on Scientific NOTATION   
Oct 7th  review sheet (A) + memory aid (IFF needed) test Tuesday  NOtes: scientific Notation 
Oct 5th  review sheet (B) + create memory aid for test (IF NEEDED)   
Oct 4  Factoring PKG page (A) +(B) ..TEST Oct 11th NEXT topic after TEST 1: scientific the notes printed!! 
Sept 29th  FActoring PKG p. 5  FIRST TEST : Oct 11th ( cover both quizzes and factoring) 
eSpt 28th  Area& perimeter sheet   
sept 26th  WB p. 112+113 FIND THE ERRORS + p118  quiz next class
Sept 23rd  Puzzle A8...   
SEpt 21st WB p. 96+98...Quiz next week