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MATH 306-03

Page history last edited by Alana de Liamchin 11 months, 3 weeks ago


C2 math BLOCKED exam: MOnday June 12

C1 math exam( in 2 classes) June 5th-6th



JUne 8th  memory aid!   
June 6th  review PKG (see below)!!!!!!   
June 5th  review PKG (part C) #2,3,#5,#7 ,8,#9 (due June 8th)  
June 1st  rev pkg part B #13-18 part C  #2/#3   
May 30th  Homework: Review PKG (partB) #1 to 12  ...memory aid due June 12TH!!!! 
May 26th  Review PKG (partA_ #10,11,12,13,14,15,16 + 18... MEMORY AID (hand written) due June 12th  
May 25  worksheet (B) + review PKG : part (A) #4,6,7,8,9  QUIz  May 30 
May 23rd  INEQ pkg p. 6 + REVIEW PKG : part A 1,2,3...MHS online review (may 25th) quiz may 30th 
  !!!!!!!!!MEMORY AIDS due JUNE 12th for the C2 exam!!!!!!   
May 19th  INequality pkg p. 7 + MHS review  QUIZ May 30th 



zoom tutorial link EVERY Tuesday night 7-8 pm



May 17th  WB p. 499 (5/6) p. 500 + p.502 #1....QUIZ May 19th   
May 12th  MHS worksheet ( both sides).....NEW TOPIC: Geometric Probability..get the notes!  MHS MAY review assignment ( due May 25th) 
May 11  PKG p. 4 + p. 12...+ MHS May review (on-line) due late May (25th)  
May 9th 

PKG p. 8 + WB p439 finish it ( list the 3 quartiles as well as the inter' quartile range

p. 440 p. 442 (7-8) 

QUIZ May 16 
May 8th  WB p.  438( finish it) p. 439 (1,2,3,4) quiz May 16
May 4th  stats from a table worksheet  NEW notes: Quartiles and box and whiskers 
May 3rd  WB p. 415/418/425(1,3,4)..QUIZ next class   
May 1  W..QUIorksheet p.44/45 ...QUIZ May 4th  
April 28th  STATS pkg p.1 #1 p.2 (7-8) p. 5 (14)   QUIZ may 4th 
April 27th  WB p, 413/p.414 (4-5-6) p.419  QUIZ May 4th: stats and graphs 
April 24th  WB  p.420 (1-4) p. 411 (1-6)..Graph paper!!   
April 20th  NEW notes to print: Statistics/ weighted mean/ Stats GRAPH type  GET graph paper!!!!!!! 
April 19th  TEAMS pdf questions (2)  test tomorrow 
April 17th  TEAMS class page pdf question ( due April 19th)  Test April 20th ( volume/ similar fig) 
April 14  None...C1 moved to MOnday  TEST moved to April 20th 
April 12th  finish classwork: WB p. 390#5/P.396#10/P.560#7..... TEST April 19th ) volume+ similar solids 
April 6th  WB p.393 +p.395(7,8)  QUIZ April 12 
April 4th  WB p. 386/387   
April 3  similar Fig PKG p. 5 + p. 7a)  quiz April 12 
March 30th  WB p.381-382 ( 1,2,3,5,6) p. 391(9,10) p;. 392..NOTES on new topic: similar soilds   
March 29th  WB p. 307 (9/10)p. 313/ p. 330/ p. 335 (7,8) Get the notes!!! 
March 27th  Volume worksheet + ON THE BACK: create a prism with a Volume of 3500cm3 ..L___ W____ H____???? NEW NOTES TO Printt /COPY: Similar solids 
March 24th  Volume PKG p. 8B..QUIZ MONday!   
March 22  WB p. 323(5,6) p. 329+334+p.335(5,6)  Quiz on Volume March 27th 
March 21st  WB p. 306-307(6.7.8) p. 311   
Match 17th  WB p. 18/19 + get notes!!! Vol+ conversions  Volume quiz March 27th 
March 16th  Volume PKG p.2   
March 14th  NOTES! Volume + conversions   
March 13th  MHS review (on-line) + finish the C1 candle problem  Get the notes on Volume and conversions 
March 9th  finish the math worksheet  Test next week 
March 8th WB p. 354 (7-8) p. 356 all except #18 TEST March 14th SA/LA solids
FEb 24th  Sa/LA pkg :finish p. 16+17   
Feb 23rd  WB p.321(9/10) p. 327(8/9/10) p. 332(7/8)  QUIZ  March 8th ( we will review beforehand!) 
Feb 21  WB p. 305(9,10) p. 309(7,8) p. 337   
Feb 20th  SA/LA pkg p. 11+ p. 12 (1,2,3,4)   
Feb 14th   worksheet p. 187-188  QUIIz Fev 20 
Feb 10th  Surface AREA pkg p. 8,9,10  QUIZ Fedb 15th ooops! now its the 20th!
FEb 8  WB p. 318-319 +325+326   
Feb 7  MHS workbook p. 303 +304(5,6) p.308+310   
Feb 6th  MHS on-line assignment ( due next class) + Get the NOTEs (surface area/ polygons/ circles)   
Feb 2  Get notes on new topics (see below) + sec 2 POLYGONS notes!!!!   
Feb 1st  test 2 review sheet  NEW TOPIC: Surface AREA + Volume of Solids 
Jan 30th 

homework is a PDF on the TEAMS page: review for test on FEb2 

Print out the notes on the NEW topics: Surface area/ volume of solids

Test Feb 2 topics: Spatial sense/Algebra(shapes)-solving /scientific notation/factoring 
Jan 24th  reviw PKG # 19-22+ p. 9   
Jan 20th  Review PKG #7 to #18  MHS + memory aid due soon!!!! 
Jan 19th  REVIEW pkg #1,2,3,4,5,6  Test on the 20th...(Memory aid + MHS assignment due next week) 
Jan 17th  algebra review sheet..test Jan 20th ( algebra/ linear relations/ pythagoras   
Jan 16th  worksheet p.5(#3,4,5,6) p. 6 (#7,8,9,10)  quiz Tuesday 
Jan 12th  WB p. 32/p. 40(13-14) p. 41  quiz Tuesday 
Dec 22  finish the word Problem PKG + memory aid (due late Jan) MHS review ( due late Jan) + new notes Pythagorean Theorum 
DEc 20  Get new notes + MHS review assignment  Fill in your memory aid 
DEc 19th  word problem PKG p,2,3,4,5,6..GET NOTES: Pythagorean Theorum  MHS review assignment ( due Jan 23)...fill in your memory slowly! ( for January!!)
Dec 14th  None   
DEc 13  Systems/parameters pkg p. 1  MHS exam review starts tomorrow..due Jan 20th 
DEc 9th  WB p. 219/220/221+ PKG p. 10 quiz moved to Dec 13th 
DEc 8  WB p. 213 +216(1,2) 219(1,2)  QUIZ dec. 14th 
Dec 6th  Finish the inverse PKG  MHS video 
DEc  5  Inverse PKG p. 2+3  MHS video due Dec8 
DEC 1  MHS workbook p. 192 (3,4,5) p. 193 (9,10) p. 200 #4 p. 205 (1,2,3)  QUIZ MOnday 
Nov 30th 

MHS workbook p. 187 b,c,d +p.190+192(1,2)+p.194

QUIZ Monday!!! 

Get the notes!! 

nov 28th  worksheet p. 114-115   
Nov 22  worksheet p. 97/99...GET Notes: Linear equations + Types of relations!!   
Nov 21st   Jakes Graph + Get NOTES on Types of relations   
NOv16  ROC/slope PKG p. R4/R5/R6  Quiz moved to  Monday due to SrPlay 
No15   WB p. 180/181/183...QUIZ Friday   
nov 11  MHS video tutorial+ practice questions on ROC/Slope....Get the notes on ROC/slope   
Nov 10  IND/DEP pkg p. A3  QUIZ Friday...get graph paper 
nov8  IND/DEP pkg p. A1+A2 .. get notes + Graph paper!!!!  quiz Friday: IND/DEP variables+ graphing 
Nov 7th  same as Nov 4   
Nov 4th  Print out/ COPY these notes: Relations IND/DEP.....Types of Graphs.....Graphing    
Nov 3rd  Prep for exam on Monday: Memory aid + MHS online review assignment  GRAPH PAPER needed for next topic!!!!!! 
Nov 2  prep for exam: MHS online + memory aid   
Oct 31st  MHS review+ Fill in memory aid ( all due after NOv 4th)   
Oct 28th  spatial sense PKG p. 7+9...Memory aid!...MHS review  EXAM Nov 7th 
oct 26th  spatial sense PKG p. 1+ p3  Fill in your memory aid slowly..MHS review assignment ..QUIZ Monday!
Oct 25  math review worksheet on solving   
Oct 20th  QUIZ Tuesday!..Scien NOT pkg p. 6  MHS term review assignment ( due early Nov.) 
Oct 18th  Scie NOT pkg p. 5 + MHS term 1 review   
Oct 17th  Scientific NOTATION PKG p. 2  MHS exam review Due in 2 weeks ..START NOW!! TERM 1 EXAM: Nov 7th
Oct 11  Get/PRINT notes on Scientific NOTATION   
Oct 7th  review sheet (A) + memory aid (IFF needed) test Tuesday  NOtes: scientific Notation 
Oct 5th  review sheet (B) + create memory aid for test (IF NEEDED)   
Oct 4  Factoring PKG page (A) +(B) ..TEST Oct 11th NEXT topic after TEST 1: scientific notation...ge the notes printed!! 
Sept 29th  FActoring PKG p. 5  FIRST TEST : Oct 11th ( cover both quizzes and factoring) 
eSpt 28th  Area& perimeter sheet   
sept 26th  WB p. 112+113 FIND THE ERRORS + p118  quiz next class
Sept 23rd  Puzzle A8...   
SEpt 21st WB p. 96+98...Quiz next week  





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