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MATH 206-08

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Sec. 2 math 206-08

JUNE EXAMS C1(June 7th) C2 (2 classes : June 14/15th)


June 10th  MHS review ( due the 15th)....clean out your lockers next week by slowly bringing stuff home!   
June 9th  MHS review + worksheets   
JUne 7th  MHS JUne review ( due the 15th)   
June 2  Review PKG A2 + MHS June ( due the 15th)+ Memory aid  ( due June 7th)  
June 1st  Review worksheet + NEW MHS June review+ Memory aid   
May 27th  finish the Probability PKG P. 10,11,12,13..QUIZ WEd...MHS due May 31st..Memory aid   
May 26th  WB p. 476 + MHS+ Memory aid  Quiz June 1 
May 24th  WB p. 474 (1 to 3) p. 475 (all)...Memory aid...MHS May review  QUIZ next week: Probability 
May 20th  Prob PKG p. 3B/p. 4/p,. 5...MHS review dur May 31st...Memory aid due June 7   
May 18th  Probability PKG p.1   p.2   p.3A...MHS may review due May 31st Memory aid..fill it in 
May 17th  WB p. 468+ get the PROBABILITY notes ..SLOWLY work on your MHS May review assignment ( due May 31st)   
May 13th 

#1)June exam MEMORY Aid handed out...you have 3 weeks to fill it in( list of topics on TEAMS page)...

#2)NEW notes: Probability! (get them printed) 

MHS May review due May 31st 
May 10th  WB sheet p. 320 (1 to 6)  + p. 339 #6 ...QUIZ Friday!  New notes: Probability 
May 9th  TRansf PKG p. 8 #5..QUIZ FRiday!   
May 5th  Transf PKG p. 3+p. 5 #11)   
May4th  Draw 2 different shapes ( square/rectangle , triangle ect...) on a piece of paper ...Double their size and draw them again at twice their size. Get the NOTES on Similarity Transformation!!! 
May 2  AREA pkg p. 12..QUIZ Wed.   
April 29th  none  QUIZ May 4th: Surface area of solids 
April 27th  WB p. 436+437 (#5,6,9,10)  + PKG p.10  QUIZ next week of AREA of solids 
April 26th  WB p. 428 +435 ( all LA!)   
April 22  finish p. 4 (Surface area pkg) + WB 426 ( all LA   ) p. 427    
April 21st  WB p. 432 (1-2 LA) (3-4 SA/TA) p. 433 all  GET THE NOTES! Area of solids!!!!! 
April 19th  GET NOTES: Area of Solids!!!   
April 13th            POLYGON test April 19th!! study quiz..get notes!  
April 12  Get the notes on the next topic: Area of SOLIDS!! ( after Easter)  
April 8th  get the notes needed for the C1 assignemnt   
April 7th   Algebra review questions on out TEAMS class page..SHOW WORK!!!!!  ( due next class)  
April 5th  REVIEW old quiz and PKGs for the POLYGON test  TEST moved to FRiday, April 19th 
April 4th  WB p. 368+398 (#29+30+31)...REVIEW next class for the test on April 7th  C1 ( 2 days) assignment starts April 12th 
March 31st  WB p. 364 + 369 ( finish it)..TEST april 7th ..REVIEW class April 5th  
march 29t  PKG p. 6 and p. 369 (7,8,9)   
March 28th 

WB p363 

March 25th  Polygon AREA PKG p. 1   
March 23  WB p, 360 + TEAMS on line question ( do an looseleaf)  QUIZ Friday 
March 22  Perimeter PKG p. 1+p. 2...QUIZ Friday   
March 18th  Finish all of WB p. 357   
March 17th  Get the POLYGON notes + WB p. 357 #1-5  p. 359 (all)   
March 15   Get the POLYGIN notes...Draw a pentagon and a heptagon in a circle on a sheet of paper   
March 14th  WB p. 322 + 340 ...quiz next class on Similar figures  Next topic: Polygons...Get the NOTES! 
March 10th  WB p. 324 +333(1,2,3) get the notes!!!  +  memorize the most decimal places of PI for a sweet treat next week!!!  
March 9th  Get notes on NEW TOPIC: Similar figures!   
feb 24th  MHs online   
FEb 22  MHS online Circle test prep ( due March 9th)   
Feb 21st  C1 prep : My veggie garden  C1 in-class assignment Tuesday 
FEb 17th  WB p. 401+403(3) p. 404 (7) p. p. 405 (10)..quiz Monday!!!!  
Feb 16th  WB p. 390 + 392  Quiz Monday: area of sectors 
FEb 14th  WB p. 388/389 

VIP dates:

Area of sectors quiz Monday, FEb 21st

C1 in-class assignment (2 days) Feb 22 -24th

Circle TEST march 9th


Feb 11  Circle AREA pkg p. 3 + p. 5..QUIZ monday!   
Feb 9th  MHS on-line assignment ( due next class) ...QUIZ MOnday on area of circles   
Feb 8th  QUIZ MOnday ( area of circles).......... WB p. 385+386 + circle AREA /SECTORS  PKG p. 4   
FEb 3rd  NEW circle PKG (area + sectors) puzzle sheet p. 1   
Feb 2  WB p.  382+383....Circle ARCS quiz next class   
Jan 31st  Circle PKG p. 8 ( show work!)  Arcs of a circle QUIZ THursday 
Jan 28  Circle PKG p. 7   
Jan 26th  Get all circle notes!!!!   
Jan 25th 

Circle quiz next class..get the NOTES!

Circle PKG p. 6 + p. 9 

Jan 21st   circle PKG p. 5 + Geometry sets! + circle notes  circle QUIZ wed. 
Jan 20th  Geometry set needed for the next several weeks....Circle pKG p. 3   
Jan 18th  term test next class...look over your review PKG..( no circle questions are on the test!)   
Jan 13th  MHS WB pages 380(all) + 381 #7,8,9   
Jan 12th  circle PKG p. 1 and 2  look over your review PKG...finish it! 
DEc 20th  fill in memory aid   
Dec 16th  Review PKG p. 4+5.....memory aid dur dec 21st   
Dec 15th  Review PKG p. 2 +3......Fill in your memory aid for dec 21st   
Dec 13  WB (Follow these instructions!!!) p. 174 #9 DRAW ANY LINE THAT CROSSES THE LINE SHOWN AT (2,3) p. 175 #10  WHERE DO THE 2 LINES CROSS? p. 176 DRAW ANY 2 LINES THAT CROSS AT (4,-5) P.177 #12    
DEc 9 REVIEW pkg p. 1  + graphing PKG p. 8/9 ...QUIZ MOnday ( graphing) Memory aid ( fill it in!) 
Dec7th  Graphing PKG p. 5+6 ...WB p. 162 #1,2,3,4 ( create a table for each one using the "x" coordinates of 1,2,3,4,5,6)  slowly fill in your memory aid (due Dec20th) 
 DEc 6th
WB p.172 #5 p.171 #3 p. 177 #12....+ Fill in your memory aid  C1 exam Thursday, Graphing quiz MONDAY 
DEc 2  WB p.138+139, p.143 #1,2,3 p. 144 #6/7..GEt the new notes, fill in your memory aid by Dec 20th   
DEc1  PKG(A) rates and ratios p. 8+p. 10...Fill in your memory aid SLOWLY before Dec 21  NEW NOTES NEEDED: Graphing/cartesian plane 
Nov 29th  WB p. 212 (all) p. 213 #7 +#8  C1 assignment (exam practice) this week 
Nov 26th  PKG (A) page 4 +5.....QUIZ MOnday   
Nov 24th  WB (purple) p.198/199/201   
Nov 23rd  Rates/ratio pkg (A) p. 1 +p. 3....GET NOTES!!!!   
Nov 18th  Get NOTES on Rates/Ratio/Proportions...MHS video tutorial to watch (due nov 23rd) MHS review due Nov 20th 
n ov 17th  word prob PKG p. C7  TEST tomorrow 
Nov 15th  word PROBLEM pkg p: C3(skip #14) + C4   
Nov 12  WB p. 112#1,2,5 p.121 #26,27 p. 124 #8,9  TEST next week + MHS review due No. 20th 
Nov 10th  MHS review (due Nov 20th) + WB (purple MHS) p. 99+ p. 100 #7,8,9 TRanslate & SOLVE each one    TEST next Thursday 
Nov 9th  WB p. 112 #5 p.113#7 p.123#1,2,5,6 p.124 #8,9,10  Quiz Wed......TEST next week 
Nov 4th  Solving w/ shapes worksheet (A)   quiz next week 
Nov 3rd  ALGEBRA pkg A/B page 74 A) to N)   
Nov 1st  WB p. 104(all) p. 106 #1,2,3,4,5 + ALG pkg puzzle 1D   
Oct 29th  none   
Oct 27th  PKG puzzle A1 + p. 70....review WB p. 103/120/110/111 for quiz Friday  Quiz Friday! 
oct 26th  WB p. p.110 +p. 111   
Oct 22  WB ( purple MHS) p. 103 (all) + p.120 #11 to #15   
Oct 21st  Do homework from the 19th!!!   
Oct 19th  review all quizzes + translation worksheet (4) it's NOT a quiz sheet  PRINT OUT/Copy notes on algebra and Area /perimeter formulas!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Oct 18th  TEST review sheet A1/A2   
Oct 12  quiz prep  sheet  TEST Oct 21st
oct 8th  WB p. 71 +72  QUIZ oct 18th : translation and evaluation(substitution)
oct 6th  translation / algebra worksheet ( both sides)   
Oct 5  teams pdf table translation   
oct 1  WB p. 73   
sept 30  MHS on-line assignment   
sept 28th  worksheet on area / perimeter + get the NOTES on area and perimeter formulas!!!!   
sept 27th  get the notes on AREA /PERIMETER for the quiz Thursday!!!!   
sept 23rd  shaded area worksheet (1-7)  quiz next week  
sept 22  none   
Sept 20th  PKG (A) page A6 + A8 ( #3)  Quiz wednesday  
Sept 16th  PUzzle A9 + WB p. 82 #6 #7   
SEpt 14th  Workbook (purple MHS) p. 67#1 to #6 + PKG A page A3   
sept 13th  MHS on-line assignment and PKG A page A8 #3...calculate perimeter of ALL 4 shapes   
sept9  purple WB p.74 #1,2,5,6 p. 83 #9a)b) #10b)......QUIZ sept 14   
sept 8  puzzle sheet B3...  1st QUIZ sept 14th 
sept 3rd  puzzle B1/B2 ...get the notes on ALGEBRA!   
Sept 1  Get notes printed on algebra, visit this page..what picture do you see?? ..finish review sheet  




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