MATH 206-05



Sec 2 MATH 206-05



Dec 3  WB p. 138(all) p. 171 #3 p. 172 #5  Fill in your memory aid ( due Dec 20th )
Dec 2  WB p. 213 #7/8 + p. 229#1,2,3....FILL IN your memory slowly by DEc 20th  NEW NOTES: Cartesian plane!!!! 
Nov 30th  WB p. 212+227  C1 exam ( in class) DEc 8 ///C2 exam (blocked) DEc 21 
NOv 29th  PKG (A) p. 4 +p. 5  QUIZ next class 
Nov 25th  WB p. 198/199/201   
nov 24th  PKG (A) p. 2 +3...GET NOTES!!   
Nov 21st  MHS video Comparing Rates and ratios + PKG (A) puzzle 1  GET NOTES on new topic Rates/ratio/proportions 
Nov 17th  Review all quizzes on algebra + word prob pkg page C7  get notes!!! 
nov 16th  word prob PKG pages C3 (skip14) + C4  TEST Nov 22 
nov 15th  WB p, 112 #1,2,5 p. 121 #26+27 p. 124 #8+9...MHS due Nov 20th   
nov 11th  WB p. 99 p.  101#7.8.9 (translate + solve as well) TEST MOnday, Nov 22 
Nov 10th  WB p. 112 #5  p. 123 #1,2,5,6 p. 124 #9,10 +MHS review assignment due NOv 20th!! Quiz tomorrow 
Nov 5th  Solving w/ shapes sheet ( both sides)  Quiz  next week
nov 4th  A/B algebra PKG p. 74 #9 a) to n)   
Nov 2    purple MHS WB p. 104 + p. 106 # 1,2,3,4,5,
Nov 1st  Algebra PKG puzzle 1D   
oct 28th  Solving PKG p. 70 + review for quiz WB p. 103/120/111  GET THE NOTES PRINTED/COPIED!!!!!!! 
oct 27th  WB p.  110/111... Quiz MOnday 
oct 25th  WB (purple MHS) p. 103 (all)+  p. 120 #11,12,13,14,15   
oct 22  same as Oct 20th   
Oct20  TRanslation worksheet  TEST Friday GET alll notes!!!!!! 
oct 19th  puzzle sheet A7..TEST Oct 22nd  NEXT TOPIC: Solving !GET NOTES on Algebra 
oct 13th  Review sheet (both sides) + page (A) in eval pkg  Quiz Oct 19th 
oct  12  WB p. 71 + 72  Quiz next week : translation and substitution 
Oct 7th  worksheet on translation / algebra ( both sides)   
Oct 4th  WB p, 73   
oct 1  MHS on-line assignment   
sept 29th  Area/ perimeter backwards worksheet...QUIZ FRiday!   
sept 24th  Worksheet on shade area  quiz next week 
sept 23rd  worksheet perim/ area (both sides)   
sept 21  review PKG A page A3 /A4/ A6/ A8 ....quiz Thursday!  
sept 20th  PKG (A) page A8...finish it!  Quiz Thursday  
sept 15th  WB p. 82 #6 #7   
sept 14th  PKG (A) page A6 + WB p. 67#1,2,3,4,5,6   
sept 10  MHS on-line work (quiz 1 review prep)  due Tuesday!  Quiz Tuesday! 
Sept 9th  purple WB p. 74 #1,2,5,6 p. 83 ##9a)b) #10 b)....QUIZ sept 14th!   
sept 7 th  puzzle B3  1st QUIZ Sept 14th 
sEPT 3  puzzle sheet B1/B2 + copy/print algebra notes   
Sept 1   finish review sheet + visit this page