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MATH 366-04

Page history last edited by Alana de Liamchin 1 month, 2 weeks ago


MATH 366-04


C1 exam last week of May

C2 exam June 7th



June 5th work on your memory aid Exam June 7th
Jun4  eMHS WB exam preview p. 561- 562 #10,11,12   
June 3  Review PKG Part C #1...  EXAM Friday afternoon 
May 29th  Review part B #15,17,18   
May 28th  Review PKG (partB) #9 to #14  Final C2 exam JUne 7th 
May 27th  none   
May 24th  finish memory aid!!!!! + Review PKG (PART B) #,5,6,7,9, 10   
May 23  Review PKG ) partB): #1,2,3 .....+ memory aid  exam starst Monday! 
May 22  memory aid...Due Monday!   
May 21  solving with shapes sheet (REVIEW) + memory aid DUE MONDAY!!!!!!  C1 exam starts Monday 
May 16th  MHS worksheet K/L (Volume probability problems) QUIZ  Tuesday
May 15  rev PKG #10 to 15   
May 14th  REview PKG for exams PKG part (A) #6,8,9 ....Get notes on last topic: GEOMETRIC Probability GO TO Teams pages for our class and click on the survey link 
May 13  REVIEW pkg (part A) #1,2,3,4,5 ...quiz next class .. REP in JUNE survey on our TEAMS class page Memory aid due May 27th 
May 10th  INEQUALITIES pkg p. 6...quiz Tuesday   
 May 9th Finish survey project  Fill in your memory aid for May/ June evaluation 
May 8th  Finish survey project for May 10th + GET NOTES on new topic: Inequalities   
May 7th  B/W pkg p. 4,6,7..quiz next class  SURVEY project due May 10th 
May 3  prep survey PKG for mOnday ..NEXT TOPIC: Inequalities!!!  
May 2  Box & whiskers pkg p. 3  QUIZ May 8th 
April 30th  GET NOTES: quartiles and Box& whiskers....MHS WB p. 438   
April 29th  MHS WB p. 425 #3,4,5:(calculate all 4 stats: Median/Mode/Range/Mean for all 3 tables)   Quiz tomorrow! 
April 24th  worksheet p.44-45  Quiz on stats April 30…NEW topic: Quartiles& box and whiskers—-GET THE NOTES!!!! 
April 22  MHS wb p. 415+418(due Wednesday)  C1 in class assignmnet tomorow 
April 17th-  worksheet A-B... the Bside!( Due on MOnday
 C1 assignment In-class Tuesday!
April 15  MHS WB p. 411 (1,2,3,4,5,6) o, 413-414(1,2,5,6) p. 420  GET NOTES!!!!! + 
April 12 

NEW topic: Statistics...GET NOTES(2): Statistcs notes  + Stats GRAPH TYPES 

Worksheet (A) on stats

April 11  MHS online test review  TEST FRiday 
April 10th  MHS online TEST review ( due Friday 1pm) + WB p. 394 #4+,#6   p.395 #7,8   
April 9th  Finish classwork: MHS workbook p. 363-366(#2,4,6,8,10,11) p. 391 #9-10 p. 393 (#12/13)  TEST April 12th: Volume 
April 5th  WB p.387+388+389  QUIZ next class 
April 4  MHS workbook p. 381+386  Quiz Tuesday 
April 2  similar fig PKG p. 4  QUIZ April 9th 
March 28th  none   
Marc h 27  WB p. 361   
March 26th  WB p. 330+ p. 335+p.344#7  GET NOTES: Similar solids!!!! 
March 20  MHS p. 335(5+6) p.336(6) p.343 + p. 344 (5+6) p.345(ALL DUE MONDAY)  QUIZ MOnday 
March 19th  MHS WB p.  334+ p.341...  
March 18th  Volume PKG p. 1   
March 15th  WB p. 306-307 (1-8) +p.311+312  VOLUME quiz Monday March 25th : Volume+ conversions
march14  worksheet p.12/13   
March 13  MHS wb p. 17+18  PI day tomorrow!!!! 
March 12  Conversion puzzle D9/D10  Get notes on VOLUME + Conversions 
Feb 28th 

NEW topic after march Break: Volume and conversion of solids


C1 assignment after march Break 
Feb 27th  WB p. 320+326+327+339  Test tomorrow 
Feb 26th  worksheet SA/LA backwards   
Feb 23  Surface AREA pkg p. 14+p. 15  TEST Feb 28th 
feb 22  Suface AREA pkg p. 13  TEST feb 28th 
Feb 21  same as Feb 20   
Feb 20  AREA pkg p. 12   
Feb 19  Area PKG p. 10+11  quiz  
FEb 14th  MHS workbook p. 337-338 p. 353 #6 p. 354 #7,8,9 p. 356  Quiz Feb 20th 
Feb 13 

WB p. 318-319 +331+p. 332 #5/6 

QUIZ Tuesday
Feb 9th  SA pkg p. 5 bottom+ MHS WB p. 325   
Feb 8  MHS WB p, 308/309 #1,2,3,4,5,6   
FEb 7th  Surface area of solids PKG p. 3   
Feb 6  MHS workbook p. 303  to p. 304 #1,2,3,4,5,6  GET NOTES! 
FEb 5th  GET NEW NOTES!!!! Area of solids  Bring sec 2 notes on CIRCLES + POLYGONS as well!!! 
Feb 1  MHS on-line TEST 2 review!....Last test of term 2 : FEb 5th----GRAPHING!   
Jan 31st  Review OLD quizzes: ind/dep varfiables + ROC/slope TEST ( graphing) Feb 5 
Jan 30th  Get NOTES on new topic: surface AREA   
Jan 29th  none!  NEXT TOPIC: Surface AREA of solids..Get the NOTES!!! 
Jan 26th  Review PKG p. 11 E) + P. 13+ p. 15..  Exam MONDAY!....Fill in your memory aid! 
Jan 24  review PKG #17 to 21   
Jan 23  REVIEW pkg #11 to #16  C2 exam Monday, Jan 29th 
Jan 19th  C1 exam next class ( jan 23rd).. Fill in your memory aid   
Jan 18th  fill in your memory aid!   
Jan 17  same as Jan 15th homework  TEST topics: Pythagorean Theorum + Algebra + Linear functions 
  EXAM DATES: C1 exam Tuesday. Jan 23rd    C2 exam MOnday Jan 29th  ONLY a memory aid can be used for help on the exam 
Jan 15th  Pythagoras sheet p.6  TEST Jan 18th
Jan 12  REVIEW term 2 pkg questions #1 to #10.... 

Fill in your memory aid for your 2 exams late January !!!( all topics since Sept 1)

Jan 11  Pyth PKG p. 6 + WB p. 31/32 TEST Jan  18th 
Jan 10th  Pyth work PKG p. 1 and 2...get the NOTES!!  QUIZ Friday! .... TEST Jan 18th ( algebra/Pythagoras/ linear functions)
Jan 8th  MHS on-line C1 exam review ( due Jan 18th)   
DEc 20th  Get NOTES on new topic: Pythagorean THEORUM 

TWO exams in January: C1-complex task     C2 traditional exam-multi choice/short answer/long answer


dec 19  TEAMS class page solving PDF questions ( on looseleaf)   
Dec 18th  finish 4 graph type questions + MHS C1 review  
DEc 7 

Linear word problem PKG p. 6,7,8,9,10 + MHS online review 

C1 practice exams week of Dec 18th( for marks) 
DEc 6   PKG p. 10/11   
Dec 5  WB p. 219/220 + pKG p. 8 ( linear systems)  QUIZ DEc 7th 
Dec 4  MHS workbook p. 213 (all) p. 216 #1/#2   
Dec 1  word problem PKG p. 3,4,5  GET NOTES! Linear equations /
NOv 30  WB p. 190 + 193 (8,9,10) p. 205 QUIZ Friday   
  WEEK OF DEC 18th: we will do practice C1 assignments( worth marks)  to prepare for the C1 exam in January    
Nov 29th  worksheet p. 119/121   
Nov 27th  WB p. 187 Use these "x" coordinates: 0,1,2,3,4.... p.194+195  QUIZ FRiday 
Nov 20th  worksheet page R7/R8  get the notes ! 
Nov. 17th  puzzle C45   
Nov 16th  MHS on line prep for quiz .. look over your ROC/slope PKG QUIZ friday! 
Nov 15th  MHS workbook p. 181+183+184... QUIZ Friday   
NOv 14th  MHS workbook p. 180 + puzzle sheet C-43  GET NOTES for next topic : Relation IND/DEP + ROC aka Slope + Types of RELATIONs+ linear equations!!!
Nov 9th  Relations PKg page A3..QUIZ FRiday ( get the notes!)   
Nov 8th  get graph paper + print out NOTES! ( see Nov3)   
Nov 7  Relations PKG p. A1/A2 ( skip #9)..GET GRAPH PAPER!...COPY NOTES!  QUIZ NOv 10
Nov 3  GET NOTES for next topic : Relation IND/DEP + ROC aka Slope + Types of RELATIONs  
Nov2  Exam next class! finish review PKG+ Finish memory aid + review old quizzes and tests!   
Nov1  review sheet (C) + fill in your memory aid!   
Oct 30  REview PKG p. 5+7 ...worksheet (B) ... Fill in your memory aid  EXAM FRiday! 
Oct 27th  Review PKG p. 1+p.3.... Fill in your memory aid slowly as well   
Oct 26th  Same as oct 25th + fill in your memory aid   
Oct 25th  REVIEW PKG p. 4 + p. 9 ( due Friday...TEST FRIDAY  Exam Nov 3 
Oct 24th  algebra solving w/ shapes sheet  MEMORY AID..fill it in slowly! due NOV 3 
Oct 23rd  MHS workbook p. 269+270+271+280 ( #9 draw front view #10 draw back view)  TEST #2 Oct 27th....TERM1 exam Nov 3rd 
Oct 20th  spatial sense PKG p. 3+p.5   
Oct 19th  Complete algebra solving from sec2 review sheet + solving shape board question  
Oct 17th  Scien Notation PKG p. 4+p.5 ....QUIZ Thursday!  
Oct 16th  Scientific notation PKG p. 6 + p. 9  QUIZ Oct 19th 
Oct 11th  Same as oct 10th   
oct 10th  scientific notation PKG p. 2 + GET NOTES!!!  NEXT QUIZ: Oct 19th! 
Oct 6  Print out the new notes: Scientific Notation  SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.pdf  
Oct 5th 

math worksheet 

Oct 4  MHS workbook p.122#10 p.123 #2,3,4 p.129 #8,9...TEST FRiday   
Oct 3rd  MHS workbook p. 126+p127#3,4  TEST Oct 6 ( all topics since Sept 1) 
Sept 28th  Factoring PKG page 6...QUIZ Tuesday..MHS REVIEW on-line    
sept 26th  Factoring PKG p.1 + p.5 #13 to 30  MHS sept review open now.. start it 
sept 25th  none   
Sept 22  MHS WB p.123#6 to 10     p.124 #11 to 13     p. 125 #20 to 22..QUIZ MOnday!  
Sept 21st  MHS WB p. 112/113 Find the error... p. 118 #1   
Sept 20th  MHS wokbook p. 104/105 +p106(1,2,3)..QUIZ Monday!   
Sept 18th  Algebra puzzle A8  QUIZ sept 25th polynomials ( +/-/X and divide) 
Sept 14th  MHS workbook p. 95+96   
Sept 13th  none   
sep;t 12  none   
Sept 11  MHS work book p. 93 p. 94   
Sept 8th  Package B/C page B1....Print out the REQUIRED notes: link below on the right   
Sept 7th  Puzzle A7 ...quiz FRIDAY   
Sept 6th Package A pAGE A10 Quiz Friday..get notes!
August 31st  Print out the NOTES + visit this page..what pic do you see??  sec. 3 ALGEBRA notes.pdf  
    QUIZ Friday sept 8 
     #6 to 10 






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