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MATH 366-04

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MATH 366-04

YOUTUBE sec. 3 tutorial help from a CRHS teacher: Ms Kurtidis

Just type KurtidisMath in Youtube!...choose your topic!

JUne 27th  MHS review   
June 16th  MHS!   
June 15th  none   
Jun 14th  finish your memory aid + MHS review.....Final TEST starts tomorrow!!!!!   
JUn 11th  review sheet p. 9 /p. 10.........MHS June review + Memory aid  Final TEST June 15th+17th 
JUne 10th  TEAMS Volume question + MHS review+ memory aid   
June 8th  Finish worksheet #2,3,4 + MHS review + memory aid   
June 7th  worksheet #2 #3 ... MHS JUne review + memory aid!!!!!!!!!   
JUne 4th  WB p. 544 #8 p. 545 #9,10.....MHS + memory aid   
June 3rd  Stats PKG p. 5 


Memory aid needs to be filled by June 14th

MHS June review is open..start it! 

  *********END of year TEST Week of June 14th (2 classes) *********  
June 2nd  Stats PKG p. 4 ( ORGANIZE the raw data  in #7 & #8 in a table of values)  NEW June MHS review opens soon..GET started!!! 
June 1st  MHS May review due June 2!!!   
May 31st 

WB p. 404 #3,4  p. 405 #5 ( draw graph + what is the MODE?) p. 406 #7,8 

C1 in class evaluation this week ( 2 classes) 
May 28th  stats PKG p. 1  
May 26th  Stats PKG p. 2 + MHS May review due next week  C1 evaluation next week....Big test week of June 14th 
May 25th  WB p. 399 #1,2,3,4,5,6,7    &    p. 403(all)   
May 20th  Worksheet p. 280-281 ( stats)  MHS May review 
May 19th  Stats worksheet (A)....Get the NOTES!!!!   
May 18th  Get notes on Stats + Graphs for stats  MHS May review!!! 
May 17th  INEQ pkg p. 6  Quiz Tuesday 
May 14th  INEQ pkg p. 9.....Quiz Tuesday ..+ MHS May review ( start it!)  
May 13th  INEQ pkg p. 2 +p. 4(A) #1 to #10  MHS May review start it now...Quiz Tuesday on Inequalities 
May 11th  WB p. 484 + GET NOTES on Inequalities from here!!   
May 10th  none   
May 7th  WB p. 351/352 #1,2,3,4,5 + REVIEW all quizzes on SA/LA + VOL + Similar solids (MHS REVIEW DUE!!!) TEST MOnday! 
May 6th  WB p. 339....MHS April REVIEW!!!   
May 5th  WB p. 299 #9,10 p. 305 #9,10 p. 315 #8 p. 316 #10  TEST MOnday May 10th: SA/LA and Volume of solids + similar solids 
May 4th  Print out/copy Geometric probability NOTES....MHS April review!   
May 3rd  QUIZ Tuesday!!! WB p. 381 p. 383 #7 + #8 MHS April review due soon!!! 
April 30th  Sim Fig PKG p. 7 + WB p. 375  Quiz TUESDAY ..MHS April review due early May
April 28th  Sim Fig PKG p. 5 + WB p. 369   
April 27th  Similar solid PKG p. 2+p.4  MHS April review!!!! 
April 26  Get the notes on SIMILAR SOLIDS + PKG page 1   
April 23rd  Volume PKG p. 8A + p. 8B .....MHS review due early May!  Quiz MOnday on VOLUME 
April 22nd  WB p. 327 + 333+ 335  + MHS April review! Quiz MOnday (VOL) 
April 21st  WB p. 321 + 326  MHS April review due May 9th 
April 20th  WB p. p. 314 +315.....Bring worksheet to Zoom class   
April 19th  WB p. 303 ( due on TEAMS by 2:40 pm )   + WB p. 304 due next class  Quiz April 26th (VOL)
April 15th  WB p. 298(all) p. 299 #6,7,8 

Get the VOLUME notes ASAP!!


April 14th  finish the conversion PKG   
April 13th  WB p. 19   
April 12  WB p. 18   
April 9th  Conversion PKG p. 1   
April 8th  none   
April 7th  Finish worksheet + review previous quizzes  TEST tomorrow 
April 6th  worksheet side (A) 3 questions  TEST LA/SA this Thursday...review quizzes!! 
April 1  review last 2 quizzes on SA/LA to prep for TEST on April 8th   
March 39th  SA/LA questions posted on TEAMS  TEST next Thursday, April 8th 
March 29th  TEAMS question   
MARCH 26TH  SA/LA pkg p. 20 + finish back of the worksheet from todays' zoom class  TEST next week
March 25th  WB p.  331 #9+10 p. 343 #15 Quiz next week SA/LA backwards 
March 24th  SA/LA pkg p. 17 ( only the odd #'s)  p. 18 all.....quiz next week   
March 23rd  PKG p. 16  Quiz next week SA/LA backwards 
March 22  SA/LA pkg p. 14   
March 19th  WB p. 297   
March 17th  Finish WB p.  344 #19,20,21 p. 345 #22  
March 16th  SA/LA pkg p. 19  QUIZ tomorrow! SA/LA 
March 15th  Worksheet p. 188.....Quiz WED!   
March 12 

Surface AREA PKG p. 13(A)   #9  #10....Submit p. 329 ( last nights homework) on your TEAMS assignment!!!!


Quiz Wed, March 17th SA/LA of solids 
March 11  WB p.  323 + 329....quiz next Wed.  
March 10th  PKG p. 8    
March 9th  WB p.312 (all) p. 348 # 41 SA/LA quiz March 17th
FEb 26th  WB p. 310 #1/2 p. 341 #4 p. 348 #42/43   
Feb 24th  WB p. 317 #3,4 p. 318 #5,6 p. 319 #9,10 p. 346 #32,33  SA/TA quiz after March Break  (15th)
Feb 23  WB p. 317 #1, #2 p. 346 #31   
Feb 22 

WB p. 300 (all)  + p. 301 #5/#6 

Feb 17th  LA/SA pkg p. 3   
Feb 15th  WB p. 343 #14 + 16......p. 344 #17 ,18   
Feb 12  WB p. 295   
Feb 10th  none   
Feb 9th  glue the NOTES provided on area of solids and conversions   
Feb 5th  Worksheet p. 2 on parameters   
Feb 4th  none   
Feb 3rd  Uncle Roger problem due on TEAMS today 12:20pm.....Finish MHS Test prep assignment  TEST Thursday 
FEB 2nd  MHS Test review /prep assignment due FEb 4th  TEST THursday! 
Feb 1st  Worksheet p. 7 + MHS TEST prep assignment  Test Thursday: Algebra, Pythagoras, Linear equations and problems 
Jan 29th  .TEST moved to the 4th   
Jan 27th  Pythagoras worsheet p. 5 p. 6 ( skip #11,14) ..MHS TEST review work opens up Jan 28th...get started ASAP! TEST on algebra, linear equations and pythagoras Feb 4th (Moved from Feb 2nd)
Jan 26th  area of triangle sheet ( 1 side)+ MHS pre-quiz work   
Jan 25th  worksheet p. 4 + WB p. 40 #13,14 p. 41 (all)  Quiz Wed! 
Jan 22  worksheet p. 1 / p,2..(due MOnday)  QUIZ Wed.....GET NOTES!!!! 
jan 21st  puzzle sheet p. 6+7  quiz Wednesday on Pythagorean Theorum 
Jan 20th  Geometry worksheet ( all triangles)....GET NOTES!!!!   
Jan 19th  MHS video tutorial on new topic: Pythagorean Theorum + Get the NOTES on this topic from this webpage!   
Jan 18th  MHS assignment to prep for quiz Tuesday + 2 questions on TEAMS page ( #7 matching statement to graph+ Oil Tank question..DRAW IT!) QUIZ Tuesday! ( look over in your WB p. 205,208#1,#2, p. 214 to REVIEW) 
Jan 14th 

copy/Print the notes on PYTHAGOREAN THEORUM for next Monday!!!!!


quiz on linear systems next week 
Jan 13th  WB Practice test p. 225/226   
Jan 12  wb p. 217.... hand in on TEAMS by 3 pm p. 215 # 9-10   
Jan 11th  WB p. 211 #2,3,4 p. 212 #5,6   
Jan 8th  MHS assignment + WB p. 206 + 207 + p. 208 ( #1,#2)   
Jan 7th  WB p. 205 + p. 214 #1,2,3   
Dec 22  Get notes on next topic in January: Pythagorean Theorum + linear systems)  
dec 21  inverse worksheet p. 43/p. 44   
DEc 15th  wb p. 198 +200   
Dec 14th  Finish work sheets P. 5 and P. 7  + WB p. 188 +198  
DEc 10th  worksheet p. 7 + WB p. 197  finish MHS assignment 
 Dec 9th
WB p. 185 + p.195 #6....MHS due DEc 11th   
DEc 8th  WB p. 186 p. 187........MHS assignement due on the  11th  
dec 7th  worksheet p. 114/115   
Dec 3  WB p. 180 #2 ( just get the ROC and IV of the tables linear rules) p. 182 #3 p. 184 p. 192 #4  Quiz next week 
Dec 2  ROC 2 worksheet..GET THE NOTES on ROC and linear equations   
Dec1   ROC sheet p. 5  Quiz Wed DEc 9th 
Nov 30th  worksheet (pool deck)..GET THE LINEAR EQUATION NOTES!!  
Nov 27th  NO Homework...bring worksheet ( Amusement park) to next zoom class to work on then  GET NOTES! ROC + Types of graphs + linear equations 
N ov 25th  worksheet p. 35/p. 30....get the notes on relations and graphing!!   
Nov 24th  worksheet p. 117/118 ..Copy notes on types of graphs and ROC!!!!! Week of Dec. 7th TEST 
Nov 19th  WB p. p. 173 + p. 175  Quiz next week on ROC/slope 
Nov 18th  Worksheet p. 115/p. 116   
nov 17  puzz;le sheet C43   
Nov 16th  Puzzle sheet C-42 + WB p. 164 #1,#2 p. 172 Quiz next class on IND/DEP  
NOv 13th  Worksheet p. 26....Quiz Nov 17th  GET GRAPH PAPER!
NOv 12th  IND/DEP worksheet p. 21/p. 23...GET THE NOTES!...GET GRAPH PAPER!   
Nov 10th  Get the NOTES of the next topic: Graphing..., Relation IND/DEP....ROC/slope....Types of graphs   
Nov5th  MHS review....Algebra worsheet #13- 19 due Tuesday  Mid term exam NOV. 11th 
nov 4th  mhs review   
Nov 3rd  Math worksheet ( perimeter + area) #,5,6,7,8,9  MHS review due soon! 
Nov 2  MHS review assignment...Bring algebra worksheet for zoom tomorrow   
Oct 30th  Homework from the 29th!   
Oct 29th 

MHS mid-term review ( due nov 7th)..   WB p. 261+  p. 263 

                                                                    p. 108 + p.109 ( find the errors)

Make sure to have ALL the notes from sept 1st until spatial sense for the mid-term exam!!! 
Oct 28th  test 2 review sheet ...MHS mid-term review due Nov 7th TEST tomorrow...mid-term exam Nov 11th 
Oct 27th  WB p. 64 #1,2,3,4,5,6   p. 77 #1,2,3,4,5... ... MHS mid-term review due Nov 7th TEST #2 Thursday. covers all topics since sept 1st 
Oct 23rd  solving puzzle A-47/A48 ...TEST #2 Thursday( covers all topics since Sept 1st)

MHS mid-term review up and due Nov 7th

Mid-Term EXAM 2nd week of NOV 

oct 22nd  no homework..quiz next class on spatial sense   
oct 21st  send p. 262 digitally to me   
oct 20th  finish classwork sheet p, 1/2....WB p. 262  ZOOM tomorrow! 
Oct 14th  Finish WB p. 16... MHS assignment coming...due Monday  Quiz next week 
Oct 13th  WB p. 16 #1,2,3,4,5,6  Quiz next week on Scientific Notation 
oct 7th  Finish review sheets( p. 67 both sides + p. 70) for Friday  TEST 1 on Friday 
oct 6th  review  last 3 quizzes for the test   
Oct 5th  TEST #1 Friday ( covers all 3 past quizzes) + worksheet (6) on scientific notation  Print out all math notes that you need : ALGEBRA + Scientific notations 
oct 2nd  worksheet (I2) on scientinfic notation  TEST in 1 week 
Oct 1st  MHS due tomorrow..Copy/PRINT math notes on Scientific Notation from this webpage   
sept 30th  worksheet (6)...quiz next class..MHS due Oct 2  NEXT notes to copy/print: Scientific notation 
Sept 29th  Finish puzzle B-28..WB p, 111 #,1,2,3,4,5  Quiz Thursday( Factoring) 
sept 28th  WB p. 110 #3,4,5,6,9,10  Quiz Thursday on Factoring 
Sept 24th  Perimeter/area ALGEBRA worksheet   
SEpt. 23rd  WB p.102 #1,2,3,4 p. 117 #17,18,20,21 p. 119 #4  Quiz Thursday 
Sept 22 

wb p. 96 #1 - #5....p. 101 #7,8,9,10 

quiz moved to Thursday 
sept 21st  WB p. 100 #1 to #6........Quiz Wed.....Print/copy notes on perimeter and area from this site   
sept 17th  print out/copy notes on perimeter and area...finish puzzle 12.6 ..WB p. 96 #9,10 Quiz Wed 
sept 16  WB p. 94 #1,2,3, 4...MHS due sept 22  Quiz next week 
sept 15th  MHS on-line assingment due Sept22...WB p. 91   
Sept 14th  WB p. 89 finish it...p. 95 #7,8  
Sept 10th  WB p. 72 + p. 88 ...MHS due Sept 11 quiz Monday 
sept 9th  MHS assignment due sept 11...quiz MOnday   
Sept 8th  Quiz moved to  Sept 14th now....WB p. 65 p. 75 #1,2,4,5   
sept 4th  Workbook p. 67...MHS online assignment ( due sept 11) ..Print out/ copy sec. 3 ALGEBRA notes from this website   
Sept 3  Workbook(WB) p. 63....print out notes from this site sec 3 ALGEBRA   
Sept 2  Copy/print out sec 3 ALGEBRA notes from this webpage for Sept 8th ( 8 pages)   
Sept 1  Visit class webpage..what picture do you see for your group?...Go to our TEAMS  page and answer the 3 questions   




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