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MATH 366-04

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MATH 366-04

MATH help most lunches in E-101



DEc 7 

Linear word problem PKG p. 6,7,8,9,10 + MHS online review 

C1 practice exams week of Dec 18th( for marks) 
DEc 6   PKG p. 10/11   
Dec 5  WB p. 219/220 + pKG p. 8 ( linear systems)  QUIZ DEc 7th 
Dec 4  MHS workbook p. 213 (all) p. 216 #1/#2   
Dec 1  word problem PKG p. 3,4,5  GET NOTES! Linear equations 
NOv 30  WB p. 190 + 193 (8,9,10) p. 205 QUIZ Friday   
  WEEK OF DEC 18th: we will do practice C1 assignments( worth marks)  to prepare for the C1 exam in January    
Nov 29th  worksheet p. 119/121   
Nov 27th  WB p. 187 Use these "x" coordinates: 0,1,2,3,4.... p.194+195  QUIZ FRiday 
Nov 20th  worksheet page R7/R8  get the notes ! 
Nov. 17th  puzzle C45   
Nov 16th  MHS on line prep for quiz .. look over your ROC/slope PKG QUIZ friday! 
Nov 15th  MHS workbook p. 181+183+184... QUIZ Friday   
NOv 14th  MHS workbook p. 180 + puzzle sheet C-43  GET NOTES for next topic : Relation IND/DEP + ROC aka Slope + Types of RELATIONs+ linear equations!!!
Nov 9th  Relations PKg page A3..QUIZ FRiday ( get the notes!)   
Nov 8th  get graph paper + print out NOTES! ( see Nov3)   
Nov 7  Relations PKG p. A1/A2 ( skip #9)..GET GRAPH PAPER!...COPY NOTES!  QUIZ NOv 10
Nov 3  GET NOTES for next topic : Relation IND/DEP + ROC aka Slope + Types of RELATIONs  
Nov2  Exam next class! finish review PKG+ Finish memory aid + review old quizzes and tests!   
Nov1  review sheet (C) + fill in your memory aid!   
Oct 30  REview PKG p. 5+7 ...worksheet (B) ... Fill in your memory aid  EXAM FRiday! 
Oct 27th  Review PKG p. 1+p.3.... Fill in your memory aid slowly as well   
Oct 26th  Same as oct 25th + fill in your memory aid   
Oct 25th  REVIEW PKG p. 4 + p. 9 ( due Friday...TEST FRIDAY  Exam Nov 3 
Oct 24th  algebra solving w/ shapes sheet  MEMORY AID..fill it in slowly! due NOV 3 
Oct 23rd  MHS workbook p. 269+270+271+280 ( #9 draw front view #10 draw back view)  TEST #2 Oct 27th....TERM1 exam Nov 3rd 
Oct 20th  spatial sense PKG p. 3+p.5   
Oct 19th  Complete algebra solving from sec2 review sheet + solving shape board question  
Oct 17th  Scien Notation PKG p. 4+p.5 ....QUIZ Thursday!  
Oct 16th  Scientific notation PKG p. 6 + p. 9  QUIZ Oct 19th 
Oct 11th  Same as oct 10th   
oct 10th  scientific notation PKG p. 2 + GET NOTES!!!  NEXT QUIZ: Oct 19th! 
Oct 6  Print out the new notes: Scientific Notation  SCIENTIFIC NOTATION.pdf  
Oct 5th 

math worksheet 

Oct 4  MHS workbook p.122#10 p.123 #2,3,4 p.129 #8,9...TEST FRiday   
Oct 3rd  MHS workbook p. 126+p127#3,4  TEST Oct 6 ( all topics since Sept 1) 
Sept 28th  Factoring PKG page 6...QUIZ Tuesday..MHS REVIEW on-line    
sept 26th  Factoring PKG p.1 + p.5 #13 to 30  MHS sept review open now.. start it 
sept 25th  none   
Sept 22  MHS WB p.123#6 to 10     p.124 #11 to 13     p. 125 #20 to 22..QUIZ MOnday!  
Sept 21st  MHS WB p. 112/113 Find the error... p. 118 #1   
Sept 20th  MHS wokbook p. 104/105 +p106(1,2,3)..QUIZ Monday!   
Sept 18th  Algebra puzzle A8  QUIZ sept 25th polynomials ( +/-/X and divide) 
Sept 14th  MHS workbook p. 95+96   
Sept 13th  none   
sep;t 12  none   
Sept 11  MHS work book p. 93 p. 94   
Sept 8th  Package B/C page B1....Print out the REQUIRED notes: link below on the right   
Sept 7th  Puzzle A7 ...quiz FRIDAY   
Sept 6th Package A pAGE A10 Quiz Friday..get notes!
August 31st  Print out the NOTES + visit this page..what pic do you see??  sec. 3 ALGEBRA notes.pdf  
    QUIZ Friday sept 8 
     #6 to 10 






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